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Why should I try to get tickets

near the Barmy Army area?

It is so muchmore fun! Travelling fans have

always grouped together and it gives us the best

platform to give the maximum support to the lads

whatever the situation is on the pitch. It creates a

fantastic atmosphere and we are able to bounce

off the Australian fans sitting around us, we are

yet to come close to losing a song contest!! In fact

some of our best singing has come in adversity

as you have probably seen fromwatching Sky.

Unfortunately for us so many Australians want to

sit near us and to be entertained which does put

additional pressure on securing tickets.

Trust us , you don’twant to be isolated in a part of

a ground away fromyour fellowsupporterswhere

youmay be subjected to the incessant banter

that theAussies are famous for - Pommies are

w******s, You Pommy B*****d or AussieAussie

AussieOi, Oi, Oi. We’ve been there before and that’s

one of themain reasonswe grouped together and

started the Barmy Armyway back in ’94/5.

Howmuch are the tickets?

The ticket prices have not been announced yet.

Belowwe have listed what the tickets cost in

2013-14. There is a chance tickets may even be

cheaper this time around as Cricket Australia

committed for the 2016-17 Series to make

general admission tickets available for just $30

at every venue, we obviously hope they will

maintain a similar policy for The Ashes!

Tickets will only be sold through official ticket

agents. For Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide this

will be Ticketek. Perth and Brisbane are yet to be

confirmed. Again keep an eye on

or join the ACF.

Cost of Ticket in Barmy Army area


ACF General

Pay at

Release the Gate





















There were three different categories of pricing;

for the Australian Cricket Family (ACF), for

General Release and Pay at the Gate.

For which days should I try to buy

tickets for?

We are expecting the grounds to be pretty

much close to capacity for the first two days

and depending on the venue and if Australia are

competitive potentially day three. This means that

buying tickets in advance is highly recommended.

To avoid the burden of having to queue on

days three and four, when tickets are likely to be

available at the gate we would still recommend

buying in advance especially if you can get in the

adjoining bays to the Barmy Army area.

Day 5 tickets are sold on the day unless you

travel with one of the tour groups when day

5 tickets are included in the package. This has

occasionally proved really helpful as one of the

venues eg Sydney in 2003 had hardly any staff

on the ticket booths as England were about to

win and thousands of England fans couldn’t

get in and missed a huge chunk of the morning

session. Aussies…. Bad losers? Maybe! Therefore