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our advice is get there early if the match is going

into day 5 and England look like winning.

Will you have any spare Ashes


In 2013-14 there were a very limited number of

tickets that became available in the dedicated

Barmy Army Bays within a week or so of the

game. If this happens again Cricket Australia

have agreed to give us the heads up on this

enabling us to promote this to you via our

website and social media channels on how to

secure these through the official ticket agents.

What if I cannot get any tickets?

Firstly, don’t panic and, whatever you do, don’t

go on to any premium ticketing site (Viagogo,

Seatwave etc) and pay way over the odds. Our

experience, over many tours in Australia, is that

there may even be a few tickets that have been

returned available from the box office at face

value for days 1 and 2. There are also typically

a fair number of tickets freely available outside

the ground from genuine fans for days 1 and 2

who have spare tickets for any number of good

reasons. Therefore if you are turning up in ones

or twos it should be quite easy to buy tickets

before the game at face value but not necessarily

near to the Barmy Army sections for days 1 and 2.

For days 3 and 4, tickets are far easier to

secure on the day, quite probably from the ticket

office at face value. You can normally move

around the ground far more easily and can often

sit very close to the Barmy Army areas. It’s on

these days that you will typically see thousands

of England fans grouped together.

There are likely to be touts operating but our

advice is to avoid them all costs and there is the

added slight risk that tickets purchased this

way ould be cancelled without refund in line

with Cricket Australia’s Terms and Conditions for

Purchasing Tickets.

We have HQs at every test match and these are

great meeting points to exchange tickets or to

pick up spares before the game. Many of our HQ’s

are already confirmed and detailed elsewhere in

the Guide, but all will be finalised well before the

Series begins.

One Day Internationals

This was our perfect scenario in 2013-14. Cricket

Australia were more than happy to sell tickets

directly to England fans. They highlighted

the dedicated England fans areas on each

venue seating plan and you could go through

ticketmaster or ticketek and book online. Sadly

for us the vast majority of travelling fans leave

after the final test but it was a fantastic system

for the ex-pats and backpackers. This is exactly

what we have asked to be replicated.



This information

is up to date as of

January 16th 2017,

As soon as we get

more news on our

allocated areas,

ticketing release

dates, pricing and any changes in policy we will

let you know. This will initially be communicated

via our website, newsletters and social media

channels whilst we will also be reissuing The

Ashes Guide with these details and updates on

our overall plans and events for the Series.

I hope that this information is helpful and that as

many of you as possible are able to experience

what is, for somany of us, the ultimate Test Series.

David Peacock