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behalf we held face-to-facemeetingswith Cricket

Australia to followup on our written requests for

a significant ticket-only allocation in dedicated

Barmy Army areas. Tickets aren’t due to go on

general sale until 1May andwhilst discussions are

ongoingwe’re able to offer you the latest updates

on how thiswill work aswell aswell as highlighting

some of the benefits of booking through Barmy

Travel, who are one of the largest official licensed

travel partners for the Serieswithmultiple

packages available including hotel and ticket only.

There has been so much development in the

cities since the 2013-14 tour whilst some of

our HQs have been closed or redeveloped. This

opened up several new opportunities to create

newHQs and we’re sure you’ll like the pubs we’ve

chosen in Melbourne and Perth whilst our new

HQ in Sydney is still being built – wait until you

get there – it is an iconic location! Do come to the

HQs, there is no better place to meet up before,

during and after the test match, the pre-test

parties are legendary and set the tone for the

week which hopefully will finish up with a never

to be forgotten end of test victory celebration

party. We’re also delighted that more Barmy

supporters clubs are setting up in Australia and

we’re promoting these and encouraging more

groups to form overseas.

There’s still plenty of work to be done. We’ll be

announcing our very exciting charity partnership

shortlywhilst our major events schedule is being

finalised for Christmas Day, NewYear’s Eve and the

End of Tour party. Obviouslywe’re hoping that the

playerswill be celebrating long and hardwith us

havingwon the Series and retained the Ashes.

We will be renewing rivalries in our own T20

series against the Fanatics and potentially

looking at double headers with the Richies to

give more of you a chance to play your own

competitive game of cricket against our biggest

sporting rivals. The matches always attract large

crowds, really positive media exposure and are

great social occasions and in the past some of

the England players and management team have

popped down to see real Village Cricket in action!

The beauty of Australia is that we’re not just

going to watch the cricket, since our first series

our supporting record is P30W6 D2 L22. As such

we’re really grateful to our friends at Tourism

Australia who have put together guides on each

state with their recommendations on where to

go and what to see. It is a trip of a lifetime so our

best advice is to see as much of the country as

you can and really plan where you want to go

and what you want to see well in advance. The

options really are unlimited.

We’ll be updating and rereleasing the Guide

whenwe havemore information on ticketing,

confirmation of the venue in Perth andwarm-up

games. Wewill also be posting updates on our

website aswell as our Facebook and Twitter sites

so if you are not already following us, please do so.