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Ticketing Advice and Guidance from the

Barmy Army’s Co –Founder Dave Peacock


At the moment the position is that Cricket

Australia are not able to offer England fans a

ticket only option to be sat in the same bays that

have been allocated to the Barmy Army Travel

Group. These bays are where Bill the Trumpet is

based and is where the TV cameras hone into as

being the Barmy Army sections.

The only way that you can guarantee to be sat

with the Barmy Army every day of every match is

to buy an official travel package through Barmy

Army Travel. They are licenced as an official tour

operator by the Cricket Australia Travel Office

(CATO), Barmy Army Travel offer both hotel and

match ticket modules as well as the full travel

packages, details of which can be found in this

guide and at

On previous Ashes

Tours we have taken up to 1,000 supporters on

official travel packages.

However, in running the Barmy Army and

being on the last 6 Ashes Tours Down Under we

know that thousands more fans want to travel

independently, sort out their accommodation

and just secure match tickets to be sat with us.

On this basis, I have written to the powers that

be at Cricket Australia and Paul Burnham and

Chris Millard have followed this up with a face to

face meeting in Melbourne in November 2016

requesting a ticket only option.

Negotiations are ongoing but at themoment

the stance position fromCricket Australia is that

it is likely theywill adopt a similar ticketing policy

to the one they took for the 2010-11 and 2013-14

Ashes Series. Theywill not sell tickets directly to

you in the Barmy Army bays but what theywill do

is mark on the public map of each groundwhen

the tickets go on general salewhere the Barmy

Army Travel Groupwill be sitting. This will enable

you to purchase tickets in adjacent bays to the

Barmy Army Travel Group, subject to availability,

when the tickets go on general sale. We anticipate

that this is likely to be around 1May.

The great news for Adelaide is that all you will

need is a general admission ticket to join us on

the grass bank under the Scoreboard. One of

many reasons why it is our favourite ground.

I have outlined in more detail many of the

questions we get asked.

Whenwill the tickets go on sale?

Until public tickets go on sale later this year (we

are anticipating 1 May), tickets are only available

when purchased with an accommodation

package through one of Cricket Australia Travel

Office’s (CATO’s) official licensed travel partners

of which Barmy Travel is one.

Before the tickets go on general sale we

expect there is likely to be a 1-2 week window of

exclusivity for members of the Australian Cricket

family to buy match day tickets. .

After this match day tickets will go on

general sale to the General Public including

English supporters.