WeSwap are offering you the chance to win £100 when you sign up ahead of the Sri Lanka Test series!

Ahead of the Sri Lanka Test tour, WeSwap are offering the chance to win £100 to all members who sign up for their travel card before the end of October. That’s 23,000 Sri Lankan Rupees, just in time to catch the last games of the tour.

Plus, they’ll chuck £10 on your card for free once it’s been topped up with at least £100.

The WeSwap card can be used in over 180 countries, at ATMs or anywhere you see the Mastercard symbol. They simply swap your money with other travellers, cutting out the middlemen, the unclear charges and the hidden fees. Making it up to 90% cheaper than banks and bureaux.

So whether you’re joining the tour in Sri Lanka or joining up with us in the West Indies (or just taking a post-tour holiday) you’ll have more to spend while away.

The app is super easy to use and lets you keep track of your spending (so you can see all the Lions you buy – the Sri Lankan beer, that is) and lets you send money between other WeSwap users so there’s no more awkward bill splitting.

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What is WeSwap?

WeSwap is the first ever peer-to-peer currency exchange. Their award-winning prepaid Mastercard is trusted by over 400,000 travellers, backed by Andy Murray and is featured on Money Saving Expert as one of their top travel cards.

Your WeSwap card can be used at any ATM in the world that accepts Mastercard, including Sri Lanka. Use this handy link to locate a Mastercard accepting ATM while you’re out there. Withdrawing cash at an ATM will still mean you save up to 90% vs banks and bureaux. All you need to do is top up your account with GBP, get your pin number (don’t know your pin number? Click here), then use your WeSwap card like you would your regular debit card.

  • If you’re asked to select savings account or current account, select savings account.
  • You can make 2 ATM transactions per 24-hour period and a balance check at an ATM counts towards an ATM transaction – so best to use the app or the website to check your balance.
  • In Sri Lanka, you can withdraw a maximum of £400 (or the equivalent in Sri Lankan rupees) every 7 days.
  • If you’re given the option to be charged in your own currency or rupees, choose rupees. If not, you’ll be opting in for Dynamic Currency Conversion, which can leave you liable to some outrageous exchange rates. This goes for anywhere in the world.
  • You’ll be charged a 2% fee for exchanges, this is included in the exchange rate.
  • ATM transactions over £200 (or the equivalent in Sri Lankan rupees) are free of charge. They will cost £1.50 otherwise.  

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Terms and Conditions apply:

1) £100 Prize Draw

2) £10