During our tour to Sri Lanka in November 2018 we raised funds for one of our charity partners, Their Future Today and we are delighted to share how these funds have helped a local family. 

Their Future Today have repaired the roof of the family home so everyone can stay dry in the heavy rains whilst also discreetly erecting concrete posts and doubling the size of the accommodation which houses a family of six. The next intention is to also provide fresh water and electricity.

They are also enabling Jayoda’s children to go to school by providing extra tuition and the books they need to change their cycle of poverty.  Last week our funds also bought them a cow and a calf for sustainability as the income from the father who is a fisherman does not provide enough to give three meals a day to his family.

Jayoda was at the point of handing her children over to social services when Their Future today stepped in, and she is so grateful that they have enabled her family to stay together.

Stories like this are just one example of why we raise charitable money on tour. We are so fortunate to travel the world watching England cricket and see some amazing countries. We have supported Their Future Today for many years and will continue to do so in the future.