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Marcus Trescothick opens up on ‘key’ relationship with Michael Vaughan

Ex-England batsman Marcus Trescothick has suggested that his close relationship with former Three Lions skipper Michael Vaughan was key in helping him deal with his struggles with his mental health.

Trescothick made over 200 appearances in all formats for England and was a formidable opening batsman–striking fear into the heart of opposition bowlers and making more than 10,000 runs for his country.

Throughout his career, the 44-year-old struggled with depression and anxiety, which eventually forced him to retire from the international game in 2008.

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Speaking on the ‘The Shackles Are Off’ podcast, Trescothick discussed the importance of his close relationship with Vaughan and lauded his ability as a captain.

He said: “We worked very well together. We were very close and we could sort of bounce off each other in different ways.

“He was quite tough with certain players at certain times where I could sort of look after other things for him along with the rest of the management group to try and put things in place.

“It was easy to look after certain things for him so he didn’t have to worry about certain parts of it.

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When asked if it was a good cop, bad cop situation, Trescothick said: “Sort of. I’m not saying he was the bad cop all the time because he was very sympathetic to a lot of things that were going on with various people but he had the ability to crack the whip better than what I would have done.”

He added: “Yeah (he was sympathetic towards Trescothick’s struggles) because we had a good enough relationship that we could talk about it and he could sort of understand. I could try and relate to him what was going on.

“You build that relationship and that’s the important part of it because then you communicate together to say ‘right I’m struggling’, ‘I’m good’, whatever it may be and we worked out a way of coming through it.”

Asked whether he would have been able to open up to a different captain in the same way, Trescothick said: “I don’t know. I really don’t know. Obviously, it is a hypothetical question but I’m not sure.

“As I say, the key bit is that we had a very good relationship.”

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