As soon as the trailers emerged for The Test, Amazon Prime’s series documenting the Aussies during the summer of 2019, the majority of England fans will likely have been thinking one thing.

No, not ‘what a load of rubbish’, but rather will we see an England version of the behind-the-scenes docu-series in the near future?

Speaking on the latest episode of ‘The Shackles Are Off’ podcast, Three Lions skipper Joe Root discussed just that and outlined his stance.

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He said: “You know what the point I’m at they’ve just been knocked out of the World Cup, so I’ve not even got to the Ashes. I don’t really want to watch any further.

“It’s a difficult thing to say until you’ve watched the whole thing, to be brutally honest. It would be interesting, it would be nice to be able to share our story and for people to come on a journey behind the scenes.

“Would you get a true reflection of what really happens? You’d like to think so. We’ve got some very honest and open guys.

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“You just don’t know if it would actually change the dynamic of the dressing room. Just having won a World Cup, would you really want to potentially mess with what we feel is a really thing at the moment?

“We’ve got a really good thing going, do you want a camera in their all the time looking at everything that you’re doing?

“You want to feel like you can properly express yourself and not be worried about having the odd blow up when you get out in the dressing room and not being judged for it.

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“Those raw emotions are generally what brings the best out of players. You look at someone like Ben, he’s someone who wears his heart on his sleeve and he goes out and plays in that manner. You wouldn’t want to take that away from him.

“It is difficult. Until you’ve done it and experienced it, you’d never really know. I would necessarily close the door on it completely, personally, but I’d be very wary of it. Especially initially.”

Judging from Rooty’s comments, it seems fans may have to wait a little while longer to see a behind-the-scenes docu-series with the England team.

If that contributes to their future success, I’m sure it’s a trade-off that few supporters will mind making!

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