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England captain Jos Buttler reveals his pre-match routine

You don’t become the best white-ball batter in the world without putting a fair amount of graft in and England skipper Jos Buttler is certainly testament to that.

Few players in the game are feared more than the Three Lions’ wicketkeeper-batter, whose 360 shot selection and explosive power make him one of the most destructive weapons around in both the T20 and ODI formats.

But a huge amount of work goes into ensuring he can produce that match-winning innings, take that vital catch, or whip the bails off at lightning speed.

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Even on match days, so much goes on behind the scenes that we don’t get to see but thanks to a recent interview with GQ, we have got new insight into how the England white-ball skipper prepares in the hours before a game.

We’ve all seen the players getting warmed up and practicing their skills out there in the middle ahead of the toss but what about before they get to the ground?

Buttler was asked just that in the build-up to the start of the 2022 edition of The Hundred, where he’ll be part of the Manchester Originals, and shared his routine.

He told GQ: “Typically, if a game starts in the evening, we try and have a very good sleep. For breakfast, I quite like an omelette, a piece of toast, probably some fruit and yoghurt as well.

“Four to six hours before the start of the game, I like to do a priming exercise in the gym. It’s a very short, sharp session: basically a squat with a jump, and a lunge activity with a twist, to replicate the kinds of things I’ll do in the game, supersetting one strength-based and one explosive activity together as a priming drill.

“I like to have a bit of a stretch – as I’ve got a bit older, it’s been quite helpful to have a bit of a stretch. After that is lunch, and then I’ll actually probably try to have another little sleep pregame, an afternoon nap, maybe for an hour.

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“I’ll do a bit of mental prep, making sure I know who I’m up against, a bit of visualisation of the game and the situations that might occur – and then I’ll head to the game.”

There will no doubt be plenty of amateur players getting a few extra hours sleep, opting for the Buttler breakfast, and being a bit more enthusiastic with their pre-match stretching routine this weekend!