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We are the Barmy Army

About us

Code of Conduct & Core Values

As a member of the Barmy Army, you are expected to follow these values:

- We are passionate about the ethics of the game of cricket and act in the best interests of the English Cricket Team at all times.

- We respect and value all supporters, players and officials and abide by the ICC Anti-Racism Regulation.

- Spectators shall not engage in any conduct, act towards or speak to any player, umpire,referee or other official or other spectators in a manner which offends, insults,humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages, or vilifies that other person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, colour, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

- We respect that other people watch cricket in a variety of different ways

- We seek to be entertaining when singing and creating songs, not use offensive language and have good clean fun.

- We accept that our official allocations of cricket tickets are a privilege, not a right and we do not profit from their resale

- We understand that when an individual’s behaviour falls below accepted standards it may negatively affect other’s view of the Barmy Army in general.

- We agree, respect and have read the terms and conditions of Barmy Army membership.

The Barmy Army retains the right to remove membership without notice if members are seen to be acting outside of our core values.

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