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England v Sri Lanka: Second test preview

England started their momentous year of Test cricket in the best way possible. A comfortable (in the end!) victory was made even sweeter by Joe … Read More

Sri Lanka v England: First Test preview

England get their tour of Sri Lanka underway tomorrow morning in the form of the first Test match at Galle. Here, we preview the first game of the … Read More

England v Sri Lanka: Series preview

England’s winter finally resumes on Thursday as the first of two Test matches in Sri Lanka begins in Galle. A bleak January is about to get a whole … Read More
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Why you need to vote for Stuart Broad as BBC Sports Personality of the Year

He’s big, he’s bad, he is most definitely better than his Dad… Our very own Stuart Broad has been nominated for this year’s Sports … Read More
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3 things we learnt from England’s third T20 v South Africa

England put in their most dominant display of the tour, at least with bat in hand, on Tuesday. Despite leaking more runs than they would have liked … Read More
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3 things we learnt from England’s second T20 v South Africa

Another great game, another series won. Eoin Morgan’s men took an unassailable 2-0 lead over South Africa on Sunday, after winning by four wickets … Read More
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