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Flashback: Jimmy and Monty’s great escape – Cardiff 2009

Still desperate for your cricket fix? Then allow us to take you back eleven years, to a sun-drenched Cardiff evening in June… The year was 2009 … Read More
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4 England games from the last year to re-watch while there’s no cricket

2020 hasn’t got off to the best of starts. In cricketing terms, it’s nicked a wide one through the cordon only for it to plug short of the third … Read More
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Our Review of England’s T20 Series in South Africa

The perfect preparation for November? Quite possibly. Eoin Morgan and Quinton de Kock will have wanted their sides to be thrust into pressure … Read More

Our Preview of England’s T20 Series v South Africa

England’s preparations for the next ICC tournament continue on Wednesday when they begin their IT20 series in South Africa. Two of Captain … Read More
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3 South African players to watch ahead of the T20 series

With the IT20 series between England and South Africa fast approaching, we’ve taken a look at three players in green and yellow that Eoin … Read More
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Our review of England’s series win in South Africa

After England went 2-1 up in Port Elizabeth, Joe Root claimed that he would regard a series victory in South Africa as his greatest achievement to … Read More
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