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Exclusive with Barmy Army co-founder, Paul Burnham

With less than three weeks until 2020, we are close to the end of a momentous year in English cricket. Amongst other things, 2019 has given us … Read More
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Chris Silverwood – The new man behind the England cricket team

England Cricket has a new man in the limelight following Trevor Bayliss’ departure at the end of last summer. Chris Silverwood, previously … Read More
  • Barmy Army
  • 6 min read time
  • 26 reads

What having Darren Gough as a consultant means for England

England's bowling attack is at a crossroads that it has not encountered in many years. With the 37-year-old Jimmy Anderson set to miss the two-Test … Read More
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  • 3 min read time
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Enter the prize draw for the chance to win an incredible trip to Sri Lanka

The Barmy Army, in partnership with SriLankan Airlines, is giving away a trip of a lifetime to Sri Lanka for two people in March 2020. The lucky … Read More
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The Hundred may not be perfect but it could be hugely beneficial for English cricket

It’s no secret that The Hundred has had its detractors from the very start. There are some rational and some not so rational complaints about … Read More
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  • 3 min read time
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England team news ahead of the opening winter Tests

England get their winter of Test cricket underway at 10pm on Wednesday, with two games against New Zealand preceding four Test championship fixtures … Read More
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