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This January, England head to Bridgetown, Barbados, to play the first-ever five-match T20 series between the two nations, running from 22nd to the … Read More
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A Guide to Sydney: Ashes 2021/22

The SCG is always a highlight of every Ashes tour and it’s where the English support is always the largest. We have witnessed some phenomenal … Read More
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West Indies Tickets On Sale Now

West Indies 2022 Tickets Our ticket-only options for the West Indies IT20 & Test match series are now available for a 24-hour … Read More
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The Barmy Army and Sheffield FC launch strategic partnership

The Barmy Army and Sheffield FC launch strategic partnership  The Barmy Army, the world’s largest cricket supporters club, and Sheffield FC, … Read More
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Barmy Army x NordVPN Partnership Announcement

We are proud to be working in partnership with NordVPN, the world’s #1 online privacy app to bring you another amazing Barmy benefit! With so … Read More
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Our thoughts on today’s events

OLD TRAFFORD TEST MATCH CANCELLED We are truly gutted about the outcome of the final Test match today at Old Trafford. Fans who have spent … Read More
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