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International Cricket Supporters’ Committee

Initiated by England’s Barmy Army and the Cricket Supporters’ Association, the International Cricket Supporters’ Committee (ICSC) aims to bring together cricket fans from across the globe through the various national fan groups and associations to give a global fan viewpoint and voice in the game. 

Both the Barmy Army and the Cricket Supporters’ Association believe that fans have an integral role to play in the game we all love. Now more than ever, as the world and cricket’s governing bodies face unprecedented circumstances and an unknown future, we believe that fans should have a place at the table and be given the opportunity to show their support, to give their experience and have their say on how the game survives. 

ICSC Key Messages: 

  • Cricket fans are the lifeblood of the sport and feel passionately about the future prosperity of the game 
  • The ICSC is the umbrella organisation for fans groups from across the world 
  • The ICSC offers stakeholders a an independent, global fans viewpoint on what’s happening within the game
  • The ICSC will share Best Practice between the different fan groups to enable growth and prosperity 
  • The ICSC stands for: equality, accessibility, accountability, affordability and advocacy  


  •  To create a level platform for all cricket fans across the globe 
  • Give fans a collective voice 
  • Make the game more inclusive and diverse from the stands 
  • Enhance fan experiences – ensuring cricket is entertaining and meaningful 
  • Work with the stakeholders within the game to attract new and diverse fans 
  • ICSC formal recognition with ICC and other governing bodies  

Sign up to the ICSC is free but member groups do need to qualify and be verified. If interested please go to www.internationalcricketsupporters.com