We three spins of England are
Swann, KP and Panesar
Though Hauritz won’t let her
His Gran do better Warne was your spinning star

Chorus (after each verse)

Ohh, Team of wonder
Team of might
Thrash the Aussies out of sight
Bowl ’em, Catch ’em Stump ’em, Whack ’em
Till they wave a flag of white

We three bats of England are
Better than the Aussies by far
Scoring freely
Really easy
Your bowlers are under par

We three quicks from far away
Aussie batsmen are our prey
Easy wickets
Won’t be long till it’s
All out by close of play

Barmy Army soldiers are here
Chicken leg and weak Aussie beer
Jim and Billy
Acting silly
Give them some Christmas cheer